4 Sep 2015

Are You About To Renovate Your Home? This Is the Story of How My Wife and I Received $12,000 For Making Our Home More Energy Efficient

Posted by: Joe Cutura

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

About 4 years ago, my wife and I bought a house in North Vancouver, BC. It was built in 1959 and was in need of some updates. We gutted the basement to the studs and converted it to a 2 bedroom suite. We put in new insulation (and topped up the existing attic insulation), put Read More

3 Sep 2015

2 Sep 2015

Rent To Own – 6 Reasons You Need To Read This

Posted by: Kiki Berg

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

Rent-to-Own, Lease to Own, R2O. They may seem like good options, but watch out for these pitfalls. They are a good program as long as you have a mortgage planner ensuring you are following a plan to succeed. Rent to Own…what you NEED to know. My guess is you might check this option out if Read More

1 Sep 2015

The Self-Employed Dilemma

Posted by: Michael Hallett

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

You’re likely asking yourself, what is the dilemma that self-employed workers face? Well, with more and more Canadians joining the ranks of the self-employment every year, one has to ask themselves how they are going to tackle the age old question, how much does one write off vs how much income does one claim on Read More

31 Aug 2015

Building a New Home? Completion vs. Draw Mortgages

Posted by: Alim Charania

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

If you are considering building a new home, then you need to be educated on the difference between draw and completion mortgages. When you meet with a builder, there is tons of terminology and information you should be aware of so you are properly covered. Completion mortgage means that the builder does not expect any funds until Read More

28 Aug 2015

A Reverse Mortgage – What is it and is it right for you?

Posted by: Jordan Thomson

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

As the average age of our Canadian population gets older (according to Employment and Social Development Canada, our country currently has over 5 million people over 65 years old), it is no doubt that you or your loved one may be faced with growing concerns about the ability to live life without financial constraints or Read More

27 Aug 2015

What Is a “Gifted” Down Payment?

Posted by: Jeff Ingram

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

A “Gifted” Down Payment is very common for first time buyers. Essentially, a buyer’s family member (usually very nice, warm and loving parents) will offer up money to go towards the down payment. Often this is done because their son or daughter doesn’t quite have enough funds saved up for the full 5% down payment. Or, Read More

26 Aug 2015

That “Discounted Rate” May Not Be So Discounted, After All

Posted by: Daniel Lewczuk

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

Not long ago, someone contacted us wishing to refinance their mortgage. They presently held a mortgage from one of the big banks. When this homeowner originally obtained her mortgage, the bank offered her a discounted rate of 2.99%. It matured in July of 2016, however, when they contacted us at Dominion Lending Centres, they wanted Read More

25 Aug 2015

Coming Out On Top – Improve Your Chances and Reduce Your Stress In a Multiple Offer Situation

Posted by: Alisa and Jorge Aragon

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

Whether you are a first time buyer, looking at buying a bigger house or downsizing, if you are looking at buying an investment property it is important to be prepared. This spring a sellers’ market is in full swing, which is more noticeable in certain areas of the Lower Mainland. With historically low interest rates, Read More

24 Aug 2015

The 10 Don’ts of Mortgage Closing

Posted by: Michael Hallett

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

Okay, so here we are… we have worked together to secure financing for your mortgage. You are getting a great rate, favourable terms that meet your mortgage goals, the lender is satisfied with all the supporting documents, we are broker complete, and the only thing left to do is wait for the day the lawyers Read More

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