2 Dec 2015

You’re Approved, NOW What? Top 10 Tips For a Smooth Closing

Posted by: Sandra Tisiot

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

While you may have a mortgage approval, your mortgage doesn’t actually fund until the day you close on your new home. During that period of time, keep the following tips in mind to ensure a smooth closing. 1. Be careful about taking on additional credit, i.e., new credit cards or “Don’t pay for one year” Read More

1 Dec 2015

Purchase Plus Improvement Program

Posted by: Josee Picco

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

This one time advance will allow you to make the changes you need to make your home perfect! Have you been trying to find that almost perfect home? All homes have their flaws and imperfections. Some consumers can deal with these deficiencies in a home, but for others this can be a deal breaker. Maybe Read More

30 Nov 2015

Bullying Ends Here – November Tour

Posted by: Tad Milmine

Founder, Bullying Ends Here

My goodness a lot can happen in a month. I am really excited to share with you about the adventures that Bullying Ends Here has been on over the last 30 days. It was on October 23rd that I worked until 6am. Having just finished a 13 hour shift, I have never had more energy. Read More

27 Nov 2015

Get Pre-Qualifed For a Mortgage

Posted by: Pauline Tonkin

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make, especially if you are buying your first home. So it is important to know your current financial situation and ensure you buy a home you can afford while still enjoying your life. For that reason I always recommend all home buyers talk Read More

26 Nov 2015

Tips On Getting Ready To Be a First Time Home Buyer

Posted by: Kris Grasty

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

Very often, the first question is “what can I afford”. To answer this for a person getting ready to buy, we need to know about what is happening now, income, bills, savings, credit score etc. There are many positive things that you can do in the year or two prior to buying. It is always Read More

25 Nov 2015

Is Your House Your Retirement Plan Or Is There a Better Way?

Posted by: Kristin Woolard

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

Paying off your home should be a priority, no arguments there. Are you concentrating on that goal so much that other retirement savings plans are on the back-burner until you’re comfortably mortgage free? Does this give you a level of diversity that protects you from economic or market fluctuations? There are two schools of thought Read More

24 Nov 2015

Taxing The Rich Is Counter-Productive

Posted by: Dr. Sherry Cooper

Chief Economist, Dominion Lending Centres

As politically popular as it is to spew “soak-the-rich” rhetoric during an election campaign, the reality is that it is a very inefficient way to raise revenues or to address income inequality. Indeed, it will actually shrink the economic pie. It provides a disincentive to entrepreneurial spirit and work effort and it will make it Read More

23 Nov 2015

The Rate Mentality

Posted by: Nathan Lawrence

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

THIS JUST IN, MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES ARE…..and there it is again…headline news about another low rate from one of the main lenders. But what does it all mean and why does it continue to grab the headlines on the evening news? It probably comes as little surprise that mortgage financing in Canada is big business Read More

20 Nov 2015

Finance Minister Revises Government’s Economic Outlook

Posted by: Dr. Sherry Cooper

Chief Economist, Dominion Lending Centres

Finance Minister Bill Morneau said today that Canada’s budget is deeper in the red than we were told in the 2015 budget as the economy’s performance has disappointed. He also revised down the government’s outlook for the economy over the next year. According to the Minister, the federal books are short roughly $3 billion in Read More

20 Nov 2015

Langley, BC Couple, Ryan and Laura Koch, Win Grand Prize of $5,000 as Part of #ThanksDLC Contest

Posted by: Dave Teixeira

VP Marketing, Public Relations and Communications

Vancouver, BC – A couple from Langley, BC, has won $5,000 as a part of the grand prize for Dominion Lending Centre’s #ThanksDLC campaign, which asked for individuals across Canada to submit videos online, describing how their lives have been impacted by a DLC Mortgage Professional using the hashtag #ThanksDLC. Ryan and Laura Koch’s successful Read More

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