15 Oct 2018

Four-Month Home Sales Gain Ends in September

Posted by: Dr. Sherry Cooper

Chief Economist, Dominion Lending Centres

Canadian home sales declined for the first time in five months led downward by weakening activity in Vancouver and Toronto. Statistics released today by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) show national home sales fell by 0.4% from August to September. While housing activity has picked up since the first half of this year, it Read More

12 Oct 2018

The Downsizing Dilemma

Posted by: Pauline Tonkin

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

With almost 50% of homeowners ready to retire and wishing to stay in their home and 30% of those people with most of their money tied up in home equity, the downsizing dilemma is real. Can they afford to stay in their home or is downsizing the better option. In the past, retired couples or Read More

11 Oct 2018

Why We Chose a Mortgage Broker – Our House Magazine

Posted by: Jeremy Deutsch

Communications Advisor

Lindsay Austin and her husband never imagined they could get a home with a lakefront view. Their real estate journey began in 2012, when the couple purchased their first place, a townhome in Kelowna B.C. with the help of a Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage broker. By 2017, they were ready for something bigger and better. Read More

10 Oct 2018

Fixed-rate mortgage: What lenders you should do it with and why

Posted by: Geoff Lee

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

25-year amortization or 30 years? Insured or Uninsured? With an A Lender or B Lender? These are just a few of the questions people have to decide on when they are pursuing a mortgage. But the biggest question of all: Fixed Rate or Variable Rate? With the instability of the market, and the Bank of Read More

9 Oct 2018

Cash Back and Decorating Allowances on New Build or Pre-sale Purchases

Posted by: Pauline Tonkin

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

As the market shifts, developers will increase their incentives to buyers with cash back and decorating allowances on new build or pre-sale purchases. It is very important to review those options with your real estate agent representative and vital to consult with your Dominion Lending Centres mortgage broker. Although these offers may seem attractive, they Read More

5 Oct 2018

What should come first, the house or the car?

Posted by: Lynn Nequest

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

So you just got a shiny new car, and now you want a shiny new home to go with it. Will that new car payment affect your mortgage pre- approval? The short answer… absolutely it will. Recently, I have encountered many people looking to pre-approve for a home purchase that do not qualify. While it Read More

4 Oct 2018

Mortgage Insurance 101

Posted by: Kelly Hudson

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

For a first-time home buyer, the types of insurance surrounding a mortgage can be confusing, so it’s important to know what insurance covers what. There are 3 main types of insurance to know about when buying a home. Mortgage Default Insurance – If you put less than 20% down on a home you are buying, Read More

3 Oct 2018

What To Look For In A Mortgage Broker

Posted by: Geoff Lee

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

Are you on the hunt for a mortgage broker? Or you need a mortgage broker but just don’t know it yet! Either way, this article is for you! First up, where do you find a Mortgage Broker? The easiest (and one of the best places to start) is with referrals from a realtor, family, friends, Read More

2 Oct 2018

The Pros and Cons of Co-Signing for a Mortgage

Posted by: David Cooke

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

If you keep up on the news you know that qualifying for a mortgage is getting tougher and tougher. Someone who would have sailed through the application process 10 years ago could find themselves declined for a mortgage today. Often I find applicants can afford the monthly payments but they can’t prove that their income Read More

21 Sep 2018

Rent, Own, or Do Both?

Posted by: Ryan Oake

Dominion Lending Centres - Accredited Mortgage Professional

There are generally three different situations you can find yourself in when it comes to living situations; living with parents, renting, or owning. A lot of the times the first decision someone will need to make is whether they buy a home to live in, buy a home to rent to someone else, or buy Read More

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