25 Nov 2016

The Latest with Bullying Ends Here

Dave Teixeira with Tad MilmineHome Sweet Home! Since our last update, so much has happened with the charity. I am so happy to announce that Bullying Ends Here has a new updated homepage on the website www.bullyingendshere.ca. I know you will like it as I wanted to have things a bit easier to use and see. Take a look when you can.

We had our first Board of Directors retreat in Vancouver for the charity. This was the first time that our Board has been together in one room. Not only did we have the chance to meet in person, but we had a VERY successful gathering. I don’t want to give away too much right now, but let’s just say, that I will have much to share with you in the coming months!

At the retreat, we had the pleasure of having Dave Teixeira, VP of Marketing, Public Relations and Communication with Dominion Lending Centres attend. He too got to meet the team, BUT, we also got to reward him with our Bullying Ends Here Award. This award consists of a coin and inscribed plaque designed with the help of Jamie’s family. Long before Dave was with DLC, he and I had crossed paths in our crusade to end bullying. As the world would have it, we are still working together to help save lives. Dave has worked hard to ensure that Bullying Ends Here can continue to reach as many as we do.

I took a couple of weeks of vacation time to do my annual East Coast Tour (and beyond). I traveled to AB, BC, SK, NS, NB, PEI and ON for presentations and interviews. To be able to share my journey with so many, across the Country, is such an honour. In this past month alone, I have presented to over 10,000 youth in 7 Provinces and have received hundreds of emails. What a success! I just hope that the message resonates and continues to help long after I have left.

November 13th marked the 4 year mark of Constable Adrian Oliver’s passing. I was fortunate enough to travel to Burnaby, BC to participate in his annual run to raise funds for the Honour House. It was moving to see so many former colleagues, friends and family of Adrian’s all come together for the event.

I just released the second edition to my book ‘Bullying Ends Here – My Life’. This took months to do as I wanted to make some important edits, updates and also add some chapters to act as a resource. I have included some notes on what the youth are saying in the tens of thousands of emails I have received, I included some tips and our very own LAAA concept. The LAAA stands for Listen, Ask, Agree, Act. These are the steps that I have learned are most important on handling a young victim of bullying. I go into detail on these steps in the book. The book is available on Amazon.com or also on www.bullyingendshere.ca. All proceeds continue to go directly to the charity.

I have added some more presentation dates for all across Canada for 2017. The schedule is available on the new homepage that I was speaking about above. These will go fast as we have already received requests a year in advance.

The program has brought a new consultant on board, Keigan, who is now helping reduce the workload by taking over much of the scheduling, social media and travel arrangements. Keigan is an incredible young many with loads of energy and ideas. His addition to Bullying Ends Here will ensure that even more time is available to help those that need it most.

Finally, Jamie Hubley’s birthday was November 23rd. He would have been 21 years old. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him and how much he means to me. A young person that I never had the honour of meeting. It is because of Jamie that I started this journey, created the program and wrote this blog. My life is dedicated to his memory and I intend on keeping that memory alive. Although it took a tragedy to bring us all together, that very same tragedy is preventing others. Lets continue to spread Jamie’s positive message of acceptance and understanding.

This message, paired with our efforts, will not only change lives, but SAVE them!

Tad Milmine

Tad Milmine

Founder, Bullying Ends Here

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