11 Aug 2016

To the Children of Aging Parents

To the Children of Aging ParentsAre you an adult with an aging parent(s) and are you concerned about your parents’ ability to remain financially independent? Today, Canadian adults have many responsibilities, including the concern for their children’s well-being, as well as their parents’ quality of life and their debt. As life expectancy rises for the senior demographic, there is a growing trend of retirees not saving enough for retirement. Many Canadians overestimate how long their money will last, in part due to their longer-than-expected lifespan.

How can you help your parents maintain their financial independence?

Among the many concerns we have for our aging parents, the biggest concerns include their ability to retain their standard of living. Many senior Canadians prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes to age-in-place, but we have noticed that their finances are not as stable as we anticipated and they may be struggling with:

  • Health/Medical costs & expenses – Your parents’ health care costs are piling up.
  • Monthly bills – You notice that your parent(s) are struggling to pay monthly utility and phone bills.
  • Renovations and retrofits – Your parents’ home may require repairs. Their home may need retrofits in order for them to maintain their lifestyle, for example, they may need to install a stair lift because of knee problems.
  • Revenue Canada debt – Your parent(s) struggle to pay their taxes and now have accumulated debt.
  • Property taxes (in arrears) – Your parent(s) have forgotten one too many payments.

If your parent(s) are stressed over their finances, you can help them maintain their independence by introducing them to financing options to help them regain control of their retirement. The CHIP Reverse Mortgage from HomEquity Bank is a great option for older Canadians because it has helped thousands of senior Canadians deal with the most common financial struggles.

How a Reverse Mortgage can help

The CHIP Reverse Mortgage can provide your aging parent(s) with financial independence by unlocking up to 55% of the value of their home (tax-free) without them having to sell or move, in either a lump sum amount or monthly advance.

Contact your Dominion Lending Centres mortgage professional to get your free estimate or to find out more information about how a CHIP Reverse Mortgage can help.

Yvonne Ziomecki

Yvonne Ziomecki

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