26 Jan 2017

Bullying Ends Here Update For January 2017

Tad MilmineHappy 2017 my Friends! I hope all has started off well. For many, its a fresh new start. For others, just happy to get rid of 2016. Either way, today is a new day and we have to make the best of it. As they say, today is the start of our future!

For Bullying Ends Here, 2016 was a resounding success. Check this out;

– We presented to over 100,000 students (in every Province).
– Presented in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
– Received approximately 12,000 emails
– Gave over 70 presentations in its entirety along with dozens of shortened ones
– Dozens of media interviews
– Launched the new edition of Bullying Ends Here – My Life (the book)
– Launched the new website homepage
*** credited with saving another 12 lives!!!

For 2017, we have started off with a BANG!! I expect this year to be the very best one yet in every way possible.

Only two weeks ago, I received confirmation that Bullying Ends Here will be presented, yet again, on the International stage. This time in Orlando, FL, at the National Conference on Bullying. This is a massive honour as I believe I will be the on the only Canadian sharing the stage. This will be the second time I am presenting outside of Canada. Clearly, what we are doing is being noticed!

Bullying Ends Here also had the opportunity to attend the Christmas Party for the Ottawa DLC Team in Montebello, QC, and give an update on where we are and where we are going. Just to be there with such incredible company, true friends and family, is special. A very special thanks to El Presidente, Kim McKENNEY along with some of her team; Susan, Trudy, Carol and Faye for being so important to me. I also have to give a shout-out to Lauren and Koko for the laughs and ‘entertainment’.

Bullying Ends Here then headed to Ottawa, ON, for 5 nights to begin filming a very special project along with some media interviews and presentations. Although I cannot share too much now about the project we are working on, I can assure you that Dominion Lending Centres is VERY well represented and I know this is going to lead to even BIGGER things.

While presenting to thousands more already this year, I received an email from a parent who stated that after the presentation, their child had come home from school and began to cry. When asked what was going on, the child stated that she had just heard a presentation at school and was upset because it had hit home for them. They shared that they have been struggling with mental health but that ‘if he can get up every day and continue on, then so can I’ referring to me. The email went on to state how the child would not have shared this had they not heard the presentation and may have struggled to the ‘point of no return’. The parent went on to thank me for allowing the family time to be with their child. THIS is exactly why I continue to do the work and to reach as many as I possibly can.

I want to also share that while I was in Ottawa, I had dinner with Jamie’s parents, Allan and Wendy HUBLEY. I don’t get to see them too often given everyone’s hectic schedules and distance. I also don’t want t
o intrude too much on their emotions given that our connection is the passing of their child. We had the chance to catch up and share some stories. There were tears and laughs throughout the evening as well. As I said to Allan and Wendy that night, although I never met their son, I will forever love him. I know that our work to help those that need it most, does bring the HUBLEY family some comfort. They were very pleased to hear the incredible numbers that we had to provide from 2016.

We are now heading to Morinville, AB, this week to present to multiple area schools along with a Community presentation. This will wrap up January and lead us into what promises to be one incredibly hectic February as we present in Alberta and British Columbia. I will also be speaking at a youth corrections facility. Of course we can not forget that February 22nd is Pink Shirt Day in BC and I know that Dave TEIXEIRA will have much in store for me. As you already know, we rock the pink shirt EVERY day of the year! We will also be launching a few new projects in February so I will have much to share in my next blog. Stay tuned!

I hope that all is well with you. I know that I am going to be in many more Provinces (and Countries) in the coming months and hope that our paths cross. Keep smiling and, as always, know that I am always here. Feel free to visit the website that shares loads of resources, videos and our calendar.

Together, we will not only change lives, but SAVE them!

Tad Milmine

Tad Milmine

Founder, Bullying Ends Here

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