17 Sep 2019

Bullying Ends Here update for September

Hello my friends,

What a summer it was. I hope you had the opportunity to take some time to yourself and be with loved ones. Even while schools were out, Bullying Ends Here has been hard at work planning for the current 2019/20 school year. With that said, we have some extremely exciting updates to share.

The biggest piece to share is that starting on October 15th 2019 in Victoria BC, the Bullying Ends Here Kindness Tour kicks off. This day will mostly be ceremonial with dignitaries, experts and the Chief of the Victoria Police Service sharing a few words on the front lawn of the BC Legislature. The tour will then proceed up to the Comox/Courtenay areas before heading to the Lower Mainland for October 21st. For the following seven months, I will be driving all across the Country will the official tour end date being March 31st 2020 in St. John’s NL. The additional months will be used to do additional presentations on the drive back across the Country to Calgary AB.

The tour is turning out to be a major success even before it begins with dozens of requests for presentations coming in and interest from all areas of our Country. On that note, I am hoping that you might want to make arrangements for me to come to your city as well to share to local schools. The presentation is 75 minutes long and suitable for grades 6 and up. Please email me at tad@bullyingendshere.ca ASAP to block your date. I have a rough outline of the tour route and schedule at www.bullyingendshere.ca

In November, I estimate that I will present to my ONE MILLIONTH student at some point. How amazing is that?! I can not go any further without stating that all of this is because of the incredible partnership that BEH and DLC have had over the years. For five years now DLC has been our Founding Sponsor. You can see how teamwork really comes into play.

With several anti-bullying initiatives across the Country wrapping up in the near future, Bullying Ends Here stands to become one of the most effective in the Country. We are so effective in fact that the Metropolitan Police in London England are now working closely to get us into as many of their schools as possible. Word of mouth and networking can go a long ways.

Our youth are in unchartered waters right now when it comes to bullying. They are growing up with social media that we adults never had. This is a fight to say the least but a fight that we must tackle. I have heard from tens of thousands of youth who tell me exactly what is going on in schools now a days and many of them are frightened. As adults, we have to be there when they need us most. Be available to talk openly and with an open mind and without judgement. One of the reasons why Bullying Ends Here is so effective is because I am opening up about my own struggles and speaking about mental wellness, diversity and emotions. These are conversations that are tough to have but so necessary. To share with your children (or the children in your life) shows them that they can talk to you and rely on you when needed. Showing them this is much different than TELLING them that they can. Showing what we went through, how we felt and how we persevered will show our young people that it is OKAY to have struggles and its NORMAL to have bad days. If we keep these facts to ourselves, its no wonder our youth feel so alone. SPEAK UP and SHARE.

I look forward to seeing everyone in the coming months. Lets work together to not only change lives, but SAVE them.

Your friend,

Tad Milmine

Tad Milmine

Founder, Bullying Ends Here

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