10 Jan 2019

Bullying Ends Here update for January 2019

Hi Friends and welcome to 2019! I hope everyone had a terrific holiday season and was able to spend some quality time with loved ones.

Seven years of Bullying Ends Here and sharing my story, along with Jamie’s, is now complete. Here are some highlights…
To date:
49 young lives saved to date
3500 website hits per day average
Presented in four countries including the Netherlands and the United States
875,000 shared with in person
Countless media interviews
Endorsements from the Prime Minister
First book released (My Story)
Johnny Gaudreau asks to be Ambassador
Our first commercial

17,500 emails/social media messages
150 presentations
180,000 youth
15,900 at Be Brave in Calgary from Centre Ice of the Calgary Saddledome
Scotland for two tours
England for two tours
Every Province in Canada (some several times)
Resource guides for adults (thanks Industrial Alliance)
Endorsements from Steven Page, Mayor Nenshi, Shawn Hook, Sheldon Kennedy, Rick Mercer, Brad May and Brian Burke
New PRIDE logo
Partnership with the Metropolitan Police in London England
Sovereign Medal for Volunteers presented by the Governor General
New office space
New Board Members (welcome Kim McKenney Lisa Randell and Jenneice Elliott Larsen)
Youth Advisor
Visit to 10 Downing Street

Will reach the 1,000,000 mid year 2019
History/record making ‘Kindness Tour’ starting October 2019
New Book (Walking the Talk) and a Third book in the works
Scottish Parliament Recognition
Three scheduled tours in the United Kingdom
Member of the Order of Merit, Police Forces (one of Canada’s highest recognition)

Needless to say, you can see just how much we have accomplished when so many said that ‘this won’t work’. Worldwide success and lives saved!!! I made a promise to Jamie’s parents (Allan Hubley and Wendy Barber Hubley) in 2012 that I wanted to continue their son’s message of acceptance and understanding and I am more committed than ever to keep doing so. For as long as I am asked to share, I will keep speaking up and being the voice that so many need. Much of this credit has to go to Dominion Lending Centres and their continued support to make Bullying Ends Here one of the most effective anti-bullying initiatives in the Country!
I am really excited to share more details about the biggest plans in our history, the ‘Bullying Ends Here Kindness Tour’. Details of this are still being sorted but it will travel all across Canada (I will drive the entire route) ending March 31st 2019 in St. John’s N.L. This will mean 150 presentations, in 150 different cities/towns in less than 150 days. I am going to open scheduling to DLC offices across the Country first to have me speak in your community. With CTV already wanting to be our Canadian Television Presenter, this is going to help us to reach so many more. I will provide details on exact locations in the coming weeks/months.
I am currently on tour for ten days in remote locations in Northern Saskatchewan thanks to the good folks at PrairieAction Foundation that worked with the Ministry of Education of Saskatchewan to find the communities most in need of my program. Some of these communities have had school shootings, mass suicide pacts among youth and extreme poverty. I promise to do all that I can to help those that need most. To show them that things can get better and that there are people right now ready to help. I will share details of this journey on my Instagram/Twitter (@tadmilmine) and Facebook (Bullying Ends Here Canada).

As you saw, we received many more endorsements from influential people this past year. Shawn Hook was kind enough to prove a shout out as are several of the Calgary Flames NHL Team players. In fact our Ambassador, Johnny Gaudreau, now provides me with countless items to offer out to random followers on my Instagram account. We are blessed to have such support from a true gentleman who also happens to be an NHL Superstar. The looks on some of the kids faces when they receive an autographed photo, puck or jersey is priceless. Talk about spreading the love!

Our charity has now branched into the United Kingdom with a partnership with the Metropolitan Police in London and a goal to share Bullying Ends Here with as many of their students as possible. I have been there twice in the last six months with three more trips planned for 2019. Scotland is going so far as to pass a motion in the Scottish Parliament to officially recognize Bullying Ends Here as being part of their school curriculum. This is historical to say the least.

I just put out a small guide called ‘What Everyone Needs To Know’ and the reviews are incredible so far. My first 250 copies were gone in a week with a request for thousands more. This is all made possible by the grant that we received from Industrial Alliance last year. We consulted with some of Canada’s experts and stuck to the most important information in an easy-to-read format for all.

I am currently re-writing my first book as, with time, I have become much more comfortable sharing about my past. There are things that I couldn’t talk about when I first wrote it that I am comfortable with now. I hope to have this out in two months. My second book ‘Bullying Ends Here – Walking the Talk’ should be released by the summer. With the third book, tentatively called ‘Bullying Ends Here – The Kids are Alright’ anticipated for the fall. Needless to say, I have a lot of writing to do.

This is going to be an extraordinary year, an historic one in fact. At some point we are going to reach our ONE MILLIONTH YOUTH!!! I get goosebumps just writing that.

We need all of the help that we can get with raising funds, spreading awareness and networking. Please never hesitate to share my contact information with anyone who might be able to help us in some way. Every dollar helps as it goes directly to reaching the youth. I would have it no other way!

Your friend,

Tad Milmine

Tad Milmine

Founder, Bullying Ends Here

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